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IPT POS is a highly intuitive point of sale application intended for hospitality and light retail environments where extensive employee training is not always possible or desirable. The software has been designed and created by the finest engineers who have experiences in the hospitality industry and particularly with renowned software.

IPT POS for Restaurant

Simplicity for All Restaurants and Bars

Restaurant and bar operators are faced with complex and mission critical responsibilities such as point of sale, payment processing, inventory control, financial accountability, customer tracking, labor management, kitchen productivity, and much more everyday.

In the busy quest for success, time becomes a valuable commodity among restaurant operators. The ability to simplify and streamline operations not only helps increase the bottom line, but also yields the greatly desired leisure time for family and friends.

IPT POS For Restaurants is the ideal point of sale and store management solution to help simplify operations for all table service restaurants, quick service restaurants and bars.

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Complexity

IPT POS For Restaurants point of sale and management solution empowers restauranteurs increase efficiency and reduce complexity. It is a super simple to use, feature rich and cost effective solution without the need for prior computer experience.

IPT POS For Restaurants takes care of point of sale activities, reservation and waiting list, guest and manager paging, customer tracking, gift card management, house account charges, delivery order routing and tracking, table service and quick service order entry, cashier payment handling, financial accountability, staff communications, and much more all included and ready for action out of the box.

IPT POS for Retail

Sales, orders, quotes, receipts and invoices are just the beginning. IPT POS's range of reporting and
stock management features are just as easy to learn. Whatever you sell, IPT POS makes your life a little easier.

Easy Setup

You’ll be up and selling in about a day. Use the simple Setup Interview to get started. Then quickly import existing customers, items or vendors lists from Excel.

Manage Inventory

Inventory is updated automatically as you ring up sales, returns, exchanges, and receive items so you instantly know what’s in stock. Even better, built-in reorder points notify you when inventory is low, so you never run out of top sellers and lose a sale.

Track Customers

Collect customer information as you ring up sales so you can see every purchase and return. Plus, with the built-in loyalty program, you can easily reward your best customers and keep them coming back for more.

Power Your Workflows

Create your own workflows to improve efficiency, and the performance of each person in your organization. Provide store managers with a view into the day's sales as they happen along with the ability to zero in on issues that need extra attention.

Card programs that fit your business

Why Gift cards
Few products over the past decade have resonated with consumers like gift cards. As plastic came to replace writing checks for most consumers, gift cards also came to replace paper certificates...

Take your program to the next level
Starting your gift card program is just the beginning. There are a number of ways that you can augment your card program to market and grow your business. Let IPT show you how to take it to the next level.

Promotional & Loyalty Cards
Promotional and loyalty cards are your gateway into new and repeat business. Whether you are looking to announce your new location, advertise a big sale or keep your existing customers coming back, IPT can help you get there.

Card Merchandising
How you display your product plays a big part in the success of that product. Gift cards are no exception. Card merchandising (card racks, posters, signs, card presenters) put your card program front and center.